About Us


“Luca Pizza is the heart of our family’s Italian tradition, my childhood in Rome, and the journey to America as a young man. It all starts with the highest quality ingredients prepared by people who care. Our commitment is to showcase a full-hearted passion for bringing Italian authenticity to our guests.
This is our Italian way; this is our Luca Pizza way! Saluti!”

– Tony Luca’ DiMizio, Owner and CEO
– Giancarlo Luca’ Di Mizio. Owner and CEO




I. We are committed to providing fast food that doesn’t taste fast!

Luca provides fast food that doesn’t taste fast by blending Old-World-taste with New World convenience. What does that mean? “It means we still make our own dough from scratch every day. We use only genuine semolina pasta. You can ask any Italian, there’s nothing quite like freshly made dough and pasta. We use only the leanest meats, finest tomato sauces, and freshest vegetables to prepare our food. We use only Wisconsin’s finest real mozzarella cheese, freshly grated. Grande cheese is considered the finest natural cheese around. All of our products are baked on an Italian-style hearth to ensure the flavor is sealed in,” states the president and CEO. The irresistible  aroma draws you in and our delicious menu of mouth-watering meals captivates you to keep you coming back for more.

II. We are committed to quality and excellence in everything!

Luca is committed to quality and excellence in everything – yes everything. First, our award-winning pizzas, unique calzones, panzerottis, strombolis, and special pepperoni-stuffed breadsticks ooze genuine Italian taste made from our own unique recipes using only the finest ingredients described above. “We want nothing but the best for our family, which includes you,” states the president and CEO. “We are also quite proud of the ambiance of our restaurant where our customers can eat in a cozy environment and watch television on our HDTV or listen to music. We are a step above a fast-food restaurant even though we offer good food fast.”

III. We are committed to empowering our workers to succeed.

Luca has incentive-based systems that allow managers a healthy slice of the profits. The president states, “We believe in empowering our workers to succeed. We strive to make ours a place where employees actually want to come to work because they enjoy it. Employees who enjoy their jobs and their colleagues are better workers who provide better customer service and a better product. Through hard work and dedication, you can truly achieve. The sky’s-the-limit at Luca.” He further states, “We also won’t ask our employees to do anything we haven’t done ourselves. Managers don’t become managers until they have spent at least three months behind the counter tossing pizza dough, scooping single slices in and out of the giant, multi-door ovens, or in the back, washing dishes. And then, only the pizza-makers with prior experience can advance quickly.”

To find out more about how to join the Lucafamily of employees or if you’re interested in succeeding as a manager in our privately-held, highest quality family-owned pizza chain where the sky’s the limit, contact us at 317-888-LUCA (5822) or info@lucapizza.com


“Amazing food…of amazing quality at a price you can’t beat!!!” Samantha


“Dear Luca Pizza, Thank you for helping me to have a great birthday party. My friends and I had so much fun. My mommy says you did just what she wanted.” Levi


 “I really love the pepperoni stuffed breadsticks.” Cheryl